How To Take Care of Your Electric Scooter

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As an E-Scooter owner, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your scooter so it is appropriately maintained and retains its excellent condition! Robogo E-Scooters are very easy to take care of, and you should think of your scooter maintenance as preventative care. 

What steps should you take to keep your E-Scooter in its best condition?


The first step in keeping your E-Scooter safe is storing it somewhere secure! If you keep your E-Scooter somewhere protected, you are already taking significant action to prevent as much damage as possible. The best place to keep your Electric Scooter is a location inside and out of the weather, away from direct sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures. Safe storage protects your battery and will keep your E-Scooter looking brand new!


Giving your E-Scooter a clean at least once a week will ensure it not only looks excellent but operates perfectly! Set aside 10 minutes each week to remove any stubborn dirt, mud and other debris you’ve picked up on your rides so that your wheels are not at risk of being jammed. Use warm water on a towel to clean your E-Scooter, making sure you’re avoiding electrical components!

Also, ensure you are keeping your joints and parts adequately lubricated with a specific scooter/bike lubricant to keep everything moving smoothly!


Always check your tyre pressure before jumping on your E-Scooter. Checking the pressure is an essential step for all kinds of transport – including pushbikes, motorbikes and cars! Proper tyre inflation will guarantee you have a smooth ride, as well as making sure you are taking any excessive pressure on your E-Scooter’s motor. You can use a simple bike tyre gauge for these checks! The Robogo Rapid has a recommended PSI of 36, whilst the Swift has solid tyres so you’ll never have a flat with the Swift!

Also, check your tyres for damage before you take off on your journey, so you’re aware of any new damage or to see if you require any replacements. A good tip is to take a patch kit with you when you ride, just in case!


While it’s unlikely you’ll use the full battery charge on your rides, it’s always great to charge your E-Scooter nightly to ensure you’re not entirely depleting your battery life! It’s a good idea to keep your scooter above 10% charge at all times and charge your E-Scooter regularly to prolong the battery life. You can get the Robogo E-Scooter charger here!

Regular care and maintenance of your E-Scooter will ensure you increase and prolong its performance, as well as keeping you safe on your rides! By performing routine checks on your E-Scooter, you can make sure you are avoiding having to pay for services you can do yourself! Keep your scooter clean, stored ideally and charged to ensure there’s nothing left to do, but enjoy the ride!