What’s so special about ROBOGO? 

In addition to being a quality and comfortable e-scooter, the speed is controlled using a foot accelerator – yes, just like in a car! – making for a much easier and more enjoyable ride. It’s our patent; you won’t find it anywhere else!

Is the foot accelerator comfortable and easy to control?

Foot speed control is an exclusive patent for our scooters. While your concerns are understandable (anything new is always a little daunting), controlling the speed with your foot leaves your hands free to direct the scooter – just like in a car. Once you start riding, you’ll realise just how much easier, fun and safe your new ROBOGO scooter really is.

Is it legal to ride these scooters? 

Despite the rising popularity of electric scooters in cities around the world, some of Australia’s states have yet to update their legislation accordingly. Different states have different laws and regulations regarding electric scooters. Please check the laws in your state for up-to-date information on e-scooter riding rules. 

Are ROBOGO e-scooters sold in stores? 

To provide you with a quality scooter at an excellent price, we cut out the middleman and sell ROBOGO directly to you.

Where is the User Manual?

Your ROBOGO scooter comes with a User Manual in the box. You can also download it here: Rapid User Manual or Swift User Manual.

What is the warranty on the scooter?

We provide one year of warranty for ROBOGO scooters. To view the warranty terms, please visit our warranty page here.


Can I ride my ROBOGO in wet conditions?

Our ROBOGO e-scooters have a water resistance level of IP54. This means that they are protected from water spray that comes from any direction. However, we recommend that you avoid riding in severe weather or through any puddles.

Can two people ride together as long as the total weight is less than 100kg?

No. To ensure everyone’s safety, ROBOGO e-scooters are designed to be ridden and operated by only one person at a time.

How do I lock my ROBOGO scooter?

Gone are the days of worrying about your bike being stolen out on the street! With ROBOGO, you can fold your scooter up and bring it in with you. However, if bringing your scooter inside isn’t an option, you can always lock it up with a cable. View our cable options here.

How fast can ROBOGO go?

Our ROBOGO e-scooters can reach 25km/h. Speed will vary depending on user weight, wind resistance and slopes.


How long is the ROBOGO electric scooter battery life?

Your ROBOGO battery should be good for 3-4 years under normal usage.

What’s the story with the tyres? They probably last a long time, but surely they’ll need to be replaced eventually. If this is the case, how would we go about replacing them?

Scooter tyres are a common product available at most scooter stores, on websites, and directly from us. Replacing a tyre is a relatively simple process which can be done independently or at your local bike/scooter shop.

How often should I charge the battery? 

It will take 5-7 hours to charge the battery for the first time. Keep an eye on the battery status display and charge your scooter accordingly. To maximize battery life, charge the battery at least every other month, or 2 days after the last time you rode it. We highly recommend reading Charging Safety & Tips in the User Manual.

What do I do if my scooter needs repairs?

Although we are confident that you won’t have issues with your scooter, local  bike/scooter shops will address most of the issues that may arise. If necessary, we can service your scooter but you will need to ship it to us.