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Electric Scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with many people leaping to ride them for the first time. We’re here to help you through your first scooter ride safely and on your way to becoming a pro in no time!

  1. Wear Your Safety Gear

    E-Scooters have the same hazards as bicycles, so it’s essential to stay safe and keep yourself as protected as possible, including:

    – A High-Quality Electronic Scooter Helmet
    – Knee & Elbow Pads
    – Light Reflective Clothing

    Once you have your bearings and have a few weeks of experience, the elbow and knee pads are not absolutely necessary. However, a helmet is always a necessity. This gear will protect you in most accidents occurring with a scooter, so it’s always a good idea to leave them on any time you ride!
  2. Learn Your Electric Scooter

    It’s essential to learn the quirks of your Electric Scooter before you jump on! Do you know where the brakes are? Do you know how to control the speed?

    Spend a few minutes learning the below before you take off! We have a few tips for the Robogo E-Scooters below:

    1. Place your scooter on a flat sidewalk or smooth surface such as a bike path or empty parking lot. This will allow you to learn and get a feeling for riding without worrying about hills, cars, or other obstacles.
    2. Raise the kickstand and place your dominant foot on the scooter’s deck with your foot facing forward. Slowly press down on the foot-accelerator with this foot, and hold the handlebars with both hands.

3. Once you start moving, place your non-dominant leg on the deck behind your dominant leg. This will allow you to keep your balance!
4. Turn the handlebars to steer while keeping your foot steadily on the accelerator to ensure you have complete control over the speed.
5. Practice using the brakes! Brake smoothly with enough lead time to stop or slow down enough before you need to!

  1. Take It Slow

We know you might want to jump on and hit the open road, but you need to take it slow! Make sure you’re practicing how much to push the accelerator, how hard to push the brakes, turning the handlebars, and leaning into your turns! Take it slow; you’ll become more and more confident as you practice.

There you go – you now know the basics of riding an electric scooter! It won’t take you long to learn the ropes. Make sure you have your safety gear, as you’ll be cruising at impressive speeds once you get used to your e-scooter!

Also – make sure to always lock your E-Scooter when leaving it unattended in public as they’re sadly prone to theft.

Now – it’s time to get riding! Pa Pa Ya