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ROBOGO E-Scooters are the perfect option for those looking for a convenient travel option, especially those living in cities with bumper-to-bumper traffic in peak times! Your ROBOGO E-Scooter will get you from A to B quickly, smoothly and efficiently, meaning you can skip the traffic and get to your destination on time, every time!

One of the ROBOGO E-Scooter users who can vouch for its capabilities is Brisbane Lions AFL Player, Mitch Robinson. Mitch Robinson is an incredibly strong and dedicated player, pushing himself to the limit in every single game he plays. Mitch uses his ROBOGO Rapid E-Scooter to get to training with the Brisbane Lions, and has the below to say about his favourite method of transportation!

“This scooter is perfect for me, on the warm days here in Brisbane it’s fun to get to and from training in a different and especially a cost effective way!”

Mitch Robinson – AFL Footballer, Brisbane Lions

Mitch chose the ROBOGO Rapid as it is a lightweight (only 12.7kg!) and a comfortable transport option. With 10”-10.5” inflated wheels to better absorb shock, Mitch is guaranteed that his ride will be smooth no matter what the surface he rides over is! During training, Mitch has pushed his body to the max, so his ride home needs to be comfortable, which is where the Foot Accelerator comes in handy! This means that Mitch can control the speed of his ROBOGO Rapid with his feet (an exclusive ROBOGO patent!), freeing up his hard-worked hands to focus on the steering. The additional shock-reducing footpad completes the Rapid E-Scooter for a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough surfaces, which is perfect for Mitch after a hard training session!

The ROBOGO mantra is convenient, flexible and functional. Designed for the highest convenience and practicality, ROBOGO’s E-Scooters are leading the charge in innovative transportation technology. Built for all different lifestyles and needs, the ROBOGO E-Scooters are designed to fit the lifestyle you live – regardless of whether you’re a superstar AFL player, a working professional, a student or anything else in between!

Explore the ROBOGO difference today!