About US: ROBOGO’S innovation for convenient transportation.

ROBOGO’s mission is to be at the forefront of innovative transportation technology. We want to provide you with affordable and environmentally-friendly commuting vehicles without compromising on comfort or style.

How ROBOGO Started

The idea for ROBOGO started from a trip back in 2017. In a number of major cities throughout Europe, we kept seeing everyday commuters getting around with such convenience on electric scooters.

With our base being in Melbourne, we immediately thought about how having access to this type of transportation would be an absolute game-changer when commuting, and it is an environmentally friendly alternative.

The idea kept building and building and it was impossible to avoid the thought that in all cities in Australia, this would only be a benefit: wide boulevards, thousands of Km’s of bike paths and bike lanes on the streets themselves, and a driving culture that allows the road to be shared by all users. 

The optimal environment for commuters on e-scooters!

With a number of years researching different types and variations of electric scooters, we finalised our designs and this is where the Rapid and Swift Electric scooters came from.

Not only are they a fantastic mode of transportation, but we also wanted to provide the best electric scooter experience in the market.

ROBOGO electric scooters are unique and allow for a more comfortable and safe riding experience. With the only Foot Accelerated E-scooter’s in Australia, your riding experience is like no other with better speed control and hands-free for steering.

ROBOGO, the convenient choice for commuting!

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